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        2018 Sustainability Report

        We publish an annual Sustainability Report that reflects our sustainability strategy, performance, and related metrics. Our 2018 report reflects the work we are doing to lead the transformation of our industry toward a clean energy future and to operate our business with excellence by focusing on customers, communities, and employees.  

        Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) Materiality

        In early 2018, we completed an ESG materiality assessment in line with best practice in order to identify the ESG topics that are fundamental to our long-term success. The assessment, which included internal and external stakeholder perspectives and was reviewed by the Edison International Managing Committee, identified 19 ESG topics as priorities. Many of the topics relate to our strategy and core operations. We recognize that the assessment reflects a single point in time and look forward to continuing engagement with our stakeholders on these issues.

        Our Material ESG Issues

        Transition to a Clean Energy Future
        Business Model
        Climate Change & Greenhouse Gas (GHG) Emissions  
        Grid Modernization & Innovation
        Local Air Quality
        Renewable Energy & Distributed Energy Resources
        Service & Product Innovation
        Transportation Electrification
        Operations & Governance
        Cyber & Physical Security
        Environmental Footprint
        Governance, Transparency & Compliance
        Infrastructure Reliability & Resilience
        Public Policy Engagement
        Water Use & Management
        Customers, Communities & Employees
        Safety & Health
        Affordability & Access
        Community Development
        Customer Relations
        Diversity & Inclusion
        Employee Engagement & Workforce Development

        What is a material ESG issue?

        A "material" ESG is one that has the potential to impact long-term sustainability, based on the perspectives of internal and external stakeholders.

        This is different from, but not related to, financial materiality, which is a threshold for influencing the economic decisions of investors.

        Definitions of Material ESG Issues (PDF)

        EEI ESG Initiative

        Edison International is pleased to participate in Edison Electric Institute’s (EEI) ESG Initiative. We are among EEI member companies voluntarily disclosing ESG information through a reporting template that EEI developed in collaboration with investors and member companies. Edison International shares in the goals of EEI’s ESG Initiative to provide investors and other stakeholders with relevant and easily accessible ESG data. See Edison International’s responses below:

        Qualitative Section (PDF)

        Quantitative Section - Southern California Edison-Specific (PDF)

        Quantitative Section - Southern California Edison-Specific (XLSX)

        Sustainability at Our Companies

        At Edison International, we conduct business through our regulated utility subsidiary, Southern California Edison, and Edison Energy Group, a portfolio of non-utility businesses. We demonstrate our commitment to sustainability across a broad range of our activities, including the transparency with which we operate, and our commitment to diversity and inclusion in our workforce.

        Edison International Continues Support for Greenhouse Gas Reduction Efforts

        Giving back & investing in the community

        STEM scholarships for students from under-served communities

        Transparency in our political spending

        Sustainability at Southern California Edison

        Our utility, Southern California Edison (SCE), is one of the largest electric utilities in the United States, and it’s been recognized for national leadership in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

        Pathway 2045: A blueprint for reaching California’s ambitious greenhouse gas reduction and carbon neutrality goals

        Sustainability at Edison Energy

        Our subsidiary, Edison Energy, operates a portfolio of competitive businesses providing commercial and industrial customers with energy management and procurement services. Edison Energy plays a key role in helping large users of energy to meet their sustainability goals and clean energy commitments in an efficient and cost effective manner.

        More about Edison Energy